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Why Should Marketing Students Learn SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is indispensable for modern businesses that are serious about their online presence. A vital part of digital marketing, SEO is something that is very much a part of marketing today.

Being a student of marketing, if you reckon that digital marketing interests you, then learning SEO from top SEO Company professionals can be rewarding.

Why? Well, let us find out more below.

  • To Learn the modus operandi of search engines

SEO helps websites enjoy greater visibility to the relevant audience and feature high up in Google search results. SEO is how you attract organic traffic towards websites. When you learn SEO, you understand how search engines function to bring in traffic to websites, which further helps you in creating better SEO strategies. And as Google continuously updates its SEO algorithms, you can correlate better with the nuances of website designing. You will be able to improve SEO results and explain to Web Design agency experts how to build appropriate designs that augment the whole process.  

  • Excellent career option

According to a report, in 2016 the SEO industry was worth $65 billion and by the end of 2020, it is expected to be valued at roughly $80 billion! (Source) These figures indicate one thing only, and that is the skyrocketing growth of the SEO industry.  In recent days, more and more MBA students are choosing SEO as their career and the reasons behind this are plenty. With this high demand, SEO professionals can expect to earn anything between $75 and $150 per hour, depending on their experience.

  • To attain more organic traffic

Contrary to popular belief, businesses do not need to go for paid traffic. Instead, if they play their cards well, they would enjoy satisfactory results just with the help of organic traffic. Garnering organic traffic is even easier than relying on the traffic generated by social media platforms and Adwords. After setting up your website, all you have to do is to rank higher by using competitive keywords. However, the only catch here is to generate high-quality, error-free content on trending topics. Creating new blog posts can be a time consuming investment and patience is required.  

  • To optimize website

If a website is not optimized, Google will not rank it against other websites that comply with best practices of SEO. So website owners are recommended to optimize their websites not only for their audience but also to match the standards of Google. Optimization implies the user-experience or in other words, how smooth the experience of your website visitors are experiencing while they are at your website, reading your blogs, or checking out your products. The initial few steps would be to ensure that the website is faster, consists of trending and most-searched relevant keywords, and the design of the website is with a friendly content management system such as WordPress that can be designed with a high quality mobile friendly design and layout.  

Along with conventional principles of marketing, it is vital to amp up your game with elements of digital marketing. To stay ahead amidst the rising competition today, having SEO skills is a must-have in this digital era.  

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