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Harry Potter House Test – Sort by Personality

Harry Potter’s world is one of constant struggle and adventure. Some of us got lucky while others didn’t. Still others are just holding out for that most coveted seat at the head table. Meanwhile, welcome to the house that is most awaited by all of them, the Harry Potter House test!

It’s easy to become so obsessed with Harry’s world that you fail the Harry Potter house test the first time you take it. You may be eager to dive into the fray without a bit of studying or a great deal of background information. That’s understandable. Since the schools don’t have rankings for sorted houses, they don’t care where you ended up if you pass the sorting hat test and become a wizard, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good fun to study.

Take your time with this, the Harry Potter fanatics will complain. Don’t worry. The key to the sorting hat quiz is to read it slowly and carefully. There are three different tests you can take, the first is a real life question about what kind of person you are, the second is the true answer you will get if you are sorted into the proper house and finally the third is a question based on your knowledge of juts what the sorting hat is supposed to be. While you’re at it, why not check out the other houses and what sort of people will live in them?

The Harry Potter House test is a fun way to learn a little bit about life as a pure-blood wizard, even if you already love the books. The sorting hat is a classic symbol of purity that has been associated with wizards since the beginning of time. It was mentioned in the Bible and has recently made its way into popular culture. It’s basically a small hat that has a symbol on the front, usually a lion or a serpent, and that goes on your head. It holds an object called “magical powers.”

This is the section of the sorting hat that gives you clues about your house and your character. It’s pretty easy to guess because all the items on the list are either Harry Potter related objects or things that might make you very happy. The last part of the sorting hat quiz helps you see how well you have developed the skill of wandmanship. You will see if you have mastered the art of transfiguration and charms by answering questions about your mastery of these skills. For example, if you are sorted into the House of Fluffy, do you have a green light finger that means you have mastered your first real magic trick?

These questions open up many more in depth details of your personality. Take for example the last question in the harry potter sorting hat quiz: “How many pairs of shoes do you wear?” The number one answer that most people will give is five. This is because they have learned about their own personal habits, i.e. how many pairs of shoes do I wear? This is actually the second question that the sorting hat will ask you in this form of the Harry Potter test.

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